Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fittest Men Of All Time

1. Mark Ingram Jr., 20, USA (College Football Star)

The 5'10" Heisman Trophy winner as well recognized as the "Little Train" condition with football drill and varied distance sprint interval, plus explosive complex lift in the weight room.

2. Ryan and Jeremy Black, 36 & 35, USA (Founders of Sambazon)

After they revealed the "superfood" acai berries on a surfing journey 10 years ago, the Black brothers place their detection to good use.

3. Alexander Ovechkin, 24, Russia (Hockey Player)

Ovechkin is one of the NHL's most accomplished offensive players as well as the most physical.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo, 25, Portugal (Soccer Player)

Ronaldo gets regarding as much attention for his Hulk-like physique as he does for his ball-handling skill.

5. Sheamus, 32, Ireland (Professional Wrestler)

The 6'6'', 272-pound WWE champion was destined to have a grand body.

6. Paul Rodriguez, 25, USA (Pro-Skater)

Paul Rodriguez has dominated street skate for years.

7. Denis Leary, 52, USA (Actor)

As the star of FX's hit show, "Rescue Me," Denis Leary is not a huge fan of regular cardio exercises.

8. Craig and Paul Pumphrey, 35 and 38, USA (TV Personalities)

In order to obliterate powerful structure for example boats, cars, as well as planes on their hit G-4 show "Human Wrecking Balls," the Pumphrey brothers train three days a week doing power lifting, martial arts cir¬cuits, ply-o-metrics, and smashing a few solid blocks.

9. Jake Gyllenhaal, 29, USA (Actor)

For his lead position in the imminent blockbuster, "Prince of Persia: The sand of Time," Jake Gyllenhaal had to experience a dramatic physical transform.

10. Roger Federer, 28, Switzerland (Tennis Player)

With sixteen grand slams as well as 60 career singles titles, Roger Federer trains four hours a day focus on workout like lateral lunges as well as medicine ball tosses.

11. Common, 38, USA (Rapper/Actor)

Grammy-nominated rapper Common gave up the junk food for a healthy diet as well as a strong exercises regime.

12. Roger Goodell, 51, USA (NFL Commissioner)

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is serving the fight against infancy obesity.

13. Andre Johnson, 28, USA (NFL Player)

Football star Andre Johnson has the ideal body.

14. Ryan Kwanten, 33, Australia (Actor)

As Jason Stackhouse in HBO's hit series True Blood, Kwanten's recurrent nude scenes gives him abundance of motivation to stay in shape.

15. Vitor Belfort, 32, Brazil (UFC Middleweight)

The youngest fighter to yet win a UFC bout, Belfort is training to create his way back in to the Octagon ring after being sideline by a awful shoulder injury.

16. Kobe Bryant, 31, USA (NBA Player)

The NBA star is debatably one of the most excellent basketball players of all time.

17. Sam Worthington, 33, Australia (Actor)

For his role in the block-buster movie, "Avatar," Sam Worthington spend months doing physical exercise.

18. Jamie Bestwick, 38, United Kingdom (BMX rider)

He may be the oldest BMX champion however James Bestwick is the fittest.

19. Herschel Walker, 48, USA (MMA Amateur Fighter)

Herschel Walker is the 1982 Heisman Trophy victor, a former NFL star as well as star MMA fighter.

20. Matthew Long, 43, USA (NYC Firefighter)

In December 2005, Matthew Long was given a five percent shot at life after being run above by a bus and was told he was by no means going to walk again.

21. Chris Hemsworth, 26, Australia (Actor)

The up-and-coming performer is prepare for a role of a life span - to play the mallet-wielding Norse god Thor, in the heroic movie "Red Dawn" that is planned to theaters in 2011. Luckily he has the body required to live up to his increasing stardom.

22. Jason Statham, 38, United Kingdom (Actor)

The former Olympic diver now an action film star will be starring next to Sylvester Stallone in this summer's "The Expendables."

23. Ed Viesturs, 50, USA (Mountain Climber)

Ed Viesturs has climb Mount Everest seven times.

24. Laurent Gras, 45, France (Chef)

The chef/owner of Chicago's L20 restaurant maintain his two percent body fat by heading to the gymnasium five days a week.

25. Sahr Ngaujah

Sahr Ngaujah, 32, Sierra Leone (Broadway Actor)
To get ready for his Broadway role as Fela Kuti in the strike Broadway play, "Fela!," the actor does an concentrated- running regime.

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